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Latest News & Updates

Benefits of Internet Radio for Broadcasters

Internet Radio

Internet radio, also known as net radio and web radio, offers many benefits to broadcasters and listeners. It provides many solutions that can overcome all the limitations of traditional radio. Internet radio has various uses, such as a variety of options and broadcast stations, few advertisements, and high sound quality. It also enables you to enjoy broadcasting of any station through various devices such as mobile phones, tablets, smart TV, and more, thus allowing you to listen to your favorite music anywhere and at any time.

Besides these benefits, online radio offers numerous advantages for broadcasters, and you may read this further to learn more about it.

Minimal requirements

With the help of internet radio, you can set up your station without much struggle. If you plan to start a traditional broadcast radio station, you will need tons of resources, including equipment, cost, and many more. In contrast, as there is no such barrier in internet radio, you can set up your radio station regardless of where you are.

You do not need to have experience in radio or be an expert in running specific equipment; you just need to have a passion for music and should know to communicate well. You will need minimal equipment like a computer, a secure internet connection, and good content to get started. If you plan to broadcast sports, talk, or interactive music shows, you will need a microphone and software for recording.

Minimal start-up costs

With the internet coming, a newbie can quickly and easily put up their radio station on air quickly and easily. As we have seen, you do not have much equipment; you can set up a small studio in your bedroom or a shed. As you need less equipment, the cost of starting online broadcasting is low.

radio station

Automation has made online radio simpler

Today, a plethora of radio broadcasting software is available in the market. Almost all of them have automation features that will enable you to save time and effort. With the help of this software, stations can run even if left unattended for months.

Low running costs

One of the key advantages of running a radio broadcasting online is that it is affordable. Therefore, you do not need a lot of personnel. Instead, you can take the help of volunteers who are staying far away from you to contribute their time.

You will have access to an international audience

Internet radio is not limited to any geographical boundaries. Therefore, you will able to access a global audience through internet radio. Along with various other factors, the proliferation of smartphones has fuelled the growth of web radios.

Easy to change into podcasts

Audio podcasts are very similar to internet radio programs. You listen to both of them and cannot watch them. They both are hosted and use similar equipment. The main difference between podcasts and radio is in their distribution format. Podcasts use RSS feeds. Today, many radio stations are transforming their radio programs into podcasts.

As we have seen, internet radio has many benefits. So, if you dream of starting your radio station, use this web radio technology to get the desired effect and outcome.


Becoming RJ: RJ Skills

RJ Skills

There was a time when students pushed themselves only to science-oriented subjects and chose a career in a similar field. Nowadays, youngsters are creative and choose unconventional jobs that suit their interests and personality. Radio has continued and maintained popularity in this fast-growing world of the internet. It is flexible, inexpensive, and attractive all over the globe among youngsters and older adults. Radio Jockeys are becoming increasingly popular and well-paid because of their style of talking, intelligence, enthusiasm, and relatability. However, being in front of the mike at all times and spontaneous at it can be challenging. Here are some skills to pursue your career as a Radio Jockey.

Radio Jockey


Being creative has many interpretations. One must have an exciting approach and outlook on things that make one think outside the box. It is essential to be genuine and unique and carve your niche rather than following another RJ. Repeating content already saturated in the market will retain your listener’s interest. Constant research and understanding your listeners’ interests will help you develop unique ideas daily.

Sense of humour

Humour is attractive. It is a skill that one needs to work on every day. You must laugh alone, laugh at yourself and make others laugh on your shows. Constant noting down of jokes and punches will keep you ready and on the go. Sliding these jokes into your conversations will make them enjoyable and relatable. The key is to find humour in simple things that one does every day. Remember to avoid comedy that can be offensive, weird, or repetitive.


Fluency in your professional language is the key to being a good RJ. You will feel more relaxed, and words will come naturally to you. Excessive and unnecessary pauses, rambling or repeating the exact words, and lack of vocabulary will cut you short in this field. One must be crisp and intelligent while speaking and choose his speech wisely, keeping it between formal and over-relaxed. In conclusion, you must come across as delightful and charming.

Command over regional language

There are 22 languages spoken in India. Therefore, you must be aware of the official language of India, English, and the regional language of the city you are working. Mastering the dialect here is also necessary as it will help people relate with you, even more, when you speak. In addition, you need to be aware of the style of speaking, new words, and popular terms to connect with more people at a stretch.

Self Confidence

No matter what, you should know what to say, when, and how to say it. When you sound confident, people will trust you. They will follow the same if they feel that you know and believe in what you are saying. Stay self-assured, and it will be your key to success.

These qualities will make you shine in your field—charm people when you speak and keep upskilling yourself daily.

All You Need To Know About Trending Radio Show Topics

Radio Show

Content is everywhere, and radio content consumption has significantly increased over the past few years. In the past, there were just a few radio stations that one could tune into for their favourite programme. However, with the emergence of online podcasts and several other audio platforms that enable you to create your content, radio and radio jockeys have created a niche for themselves. One must understand that when the supply is vast, your content must be relatable and have the potential to grab and sustain the listener’s attention. Here are a few topics that will kick you in the right direction.



Music is quite apparent, but there is a catch. It is always easy to talk about something that is already trending. Take it up by researching the total reach of listeners, their geographical location, and culture and weave the discussion of music along it. Putting an element of your choice will be the required garnish on the plate. By doing so, you may give rise to a trending topic.


Reading new and exciting books is always on the go in people’s lives. So, whether travelling or just sitting in traffic, a book and ear pods can be your best friend. Literature is also nostalgic. You will have so much to cover for your listeners and invite them to talk and review specific books. Also, remember to conduct author interviews as their life and writing journey can be intriguing for your listeners.

Fun Segment

Suppose the majority of your listeners are from your city. In that case, this is your golden opportunity to increase your listener database. Regular interaction will help you research the average financial background of your listeners. You may then guide them to fun events that they can attend. Exercising this will give you sponsors for your show, making you popular and filling your pockets.

In-house guest interaction

The time of extended monotonous interviews is long gone. Upskilling yourself as an interviewee will expand your horizon as a radio jockey. Brewing interesting conversations with achievers from different works of life will keep your listeners hooked on your show every time.radio jockey


Education of all kinds is a great conversation builder. People struggle with several things or ideas daily. Be it struggling with finances, relationships, work, or mental stress. Coping with anxiety can get challenging daily. Your show can be a much-needed relief for your listeners. Interaction on these grounds with effective solutions can gain you, loyal listeners.

Honestly, there is no one size fits all formula for radio shows. Unique individuality with required skills and relatability will make your programme a cut above the rest.

What is Audio Streaming & How does it works?

Audio Streaming

Definition of Audio Streaming?

Audio Streaming is a technology that helps to stream audio files like music, voice-overs, podcasts, lectures, etc., over the internet. Audio streaming gives the advantage to listen the audio over the internet without downloading any content. This technology helps to save memory storage.

Whenever the audio streaming data arrives, it contains small packets of data. It transitions to play after a few seconds of initial buffering. When audio is streamed, a number of audio data packets arrive at the device simultaneously, and audio playback continues without interruption.

Audio Streaming

Audio Streaming Working Principal

The media landscape of this generation gives a large content variety for streaming. In audio streaming, you can stream popular podcasts & music. It is easy to download podcasts and music which can also be streamed for flawless listening and also enable smooth streaming to other devices. The files containing media are organized and transferred in data packets for streaming immediately, and there is no consumption of storage like other audio recordings which were used previously. For consistent audio streaming, the connectivity of very high-speed internet and a subscription to any streaming platform or mobile app is required.

Audio Streaming requirement

Audio streaming can be used not only for streaminglimited podcasts and music but also as a marketing tool. There are several goals for getting the best audio streaming platform for small businesses to large industries. With the development of technology, recordings have improved exponentially. As a result, the number of people listening to audio streaming services has increased dramatically. More and more personalized audio streaming features are available to a global audience. With the availability of faster internet technology, you can listen, play and stream the audio of your choice on a streaming platform. Streaming enables online consumption of podcasts, movies, TV shows, webcasts, and many other audio formats with flexible delivery to all devices.

Advantages of streaming audio content.

Instant Playback Without Delays

No more waiting time is needed to download any content. You can instantly listen to your favorite audio content without buffering or waiting times.

Cost Reductions And Piracy

Audio streaming can significantly reduce the costs of purchasing CDs or downloading popular music albums. Audio streaming offers to save money with nominal monthly fees to avoid the illegal download of content.

Save Memory Space

Improve and Save Memory Space

At the time of audio streaming, downloading big files can be as you will get full access to huge amount of files by having zero worries about storage.

Live Content Accessibility

A live audio content can be experienced such as live concerts, political news, and sports events with the flexibility to access through any devices.

Flexible Content Accessibility

Experience the audio/music streaming application of your choice on the go with flexible IP address switching to overcome streaming barriers geographically.

On today’s wireless network, audio streaming has become one of the most popular entertainment applications.

Realistic Dildos; Yay or Nah? My commentary

At some point in your life, you would’ve been ranting about your sex life to someone and heard the golden words – “Just buy a dildo.” That’s some solid advice right there, which I had considered quite a few times, but the sheer thought of walking into a sex shop and finding a rack full of disembodied silicone dicks sitting there sounds terrifying. In popular culture, the kind of dildos that we have come across don’t look, well, appetizing. 

Well, did you know realistic dildos are molded from actual penises, and some are even hand-painted to make them look just the right way?


What are Realistic dildos?

There isn’t a dearth of variety in the market; there are a number of dildos that aren’t in the regular phallus shape. They come in a wide range of materials, hard plastic, silicone, rubber – you name it. If you’re one of the people who thinks nothing is better than the real thing, realistic dildos like the ones you can find here are the closest thing to the real thing. The entire (fake) phallus is designed with characteristics of a real penis to replicate its look and feel. The head, veins, and testicles are intricately designed to make it feel real. Moreover, they come with skin textures and details. Vibrators are probably great for people who like to feel sensations down there, but for the ones who enjoy penetration, look no further; realistic dildos are the real deal. 


Why should I try this out?

Because they’re for everyone, and like the name, they’re quite realistic. People looking to masturbate can have an out-of-world session on their own with one of these toys. It’s also an excellent way to try out a different sized/textured penis (different from that of your partners) to satisfy any sexual cravings you might have. Not that I’m saying size matters, it does not. For those looking to experiment with anal penetration or mix it up in the bedroom, this toy can fulfill all your fantasies. They’re great for beginners, who might be scared of using a multi-colored hard glass or plastic dildo, but would be comfortable using a soft dildo. They are also wonderful for couples in long-distance relationships, where if you could find a dildo similar to your partners, you could enhance the phone-sex experience. 


Types of Realistic dildos

  • Double ended strap-on:
    Double ended strap-on dildos are the answer to all your sexual dreams. They allow both partners involved in the act to experience stimulation at the same time. This way, both of them can orgasm together. They have two shafts, the wearable shaft, which is to be inserted into the vagina of the wearer, and the penetrative shaft. They often come with added perks like vibrators that are inbuilt or attached. This is the perfect toy to spice up your sex life!

    • Lifelike Lover Ultra Realistic Girthy Double Penetrator Dildo                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
      This one, in particular, is great for double penetration for beginners, with shaft lengths of 4 and 4.5 inches, respectively. Its allergen free, made of flexible PVC, and has a well-rounded head with detailed veins and texture to satisfy your needs!


    • Soft Dildos
      These dildos are usually made from silicone. They are super squishy and flexible.
      They can either be made from a stronger material inside and a softer covering or entirely be made of a squishy material. Irrespective of the finish, they give you extreme comfort. 
  • Colors 8 Inch Dual Density Silicone Dildo
    This toy has a firm inner core and a soft outer covering, giving you the     steady, organic feel of a real penis. It is just the right amount of sturdy for insertion and is accompanied by a suction cup on one end so that you can stick it onto any surface. The surface of the dildo is detailed with veins and texture to make it seem natural. It is made of medical-grade silicone.

  • Real Cock 2
    This dildo is made from platinum-grade silicone, and though it may burn a hole in your pocket, it is a winner through and through! It’s body safe, waterproof, and easy to maintain as well. One of its key features is that it comes with separated testicles, unlike most dildos on the market, which only add to the fun. 


A forever erection? A yes from me

If you find yourself in dire need of a dick but are deprived of one for whatever reason, I recommend trying out a realistic dildo. On your own or with a partner, this makes for a convincing substitute giving you a life-like experience. I tried it out on my own, for research purposes, obviously, and to see if I could achieve orgasm through it. Having had a positive experience with it, I would suggest anyone willing to try it out have some lube ready in hand while using this. I would also request you to check that the product is allergen and phthalate-free before buying it! Last but not least, if you’re not ready to walk into a sex shop to buy your fake penis, I’d advise you to buy it online at a site like Twicetonight.com, as I did. A lot of online stores offer discreet shipping as well.

Best DJs Podcasts (2022)

DJs Podcast

Have you ever wished to become a DJ and wanted to learn more about DJing? Or Are you working as a DJ and wish to promote your mixes to a larger audience? For both of these cases, a DJ podcast is the perfect solution.

If you are someone who wants to reach out to a larger audience and promote your music, you may create a DJ podcast. This is one of the best ways to build, maintain, and engage with your fan base. This is why most of the top 100 DJs have podcasts that broadcast on a fixed schedule. They use Podcasts to promote their mixes, music, events, or other DJ- business-related activities.

The podcast is a great way for budding DJs to build rapport with the audience, share their knowledge, and share their interests and personality with the world. But if you want to create a good DJ podcast, you should be willing to invest your time and effort. Moreover, you should have a music library that is continuously updated.

So, if you love the craft of DJing, then podcasting is something that will benefit you in the long run. You will experience a boost in your fan base and will see your episodes topping the iTunes library. But if you are confused about where to start your DJ podcast projects, here is the list of top DJs podcast that will inspire you and help you gain some knowledge.

The Get Down

If you are an aspiring DJ or have stepped into the glamorous world of DJing, you can listen to The Get down, a podcast for all the DJs. This is hosted by the founders of the Get down DJ group, who have more than twenty years of experience in the industry. These DJs, with thorough knowledge of DJing, will provide you with the best tips and strategies to grow your brand and business.

People thought of DJs as people who would show up at night with their play records. But, in fact, it is a highly competitive industry where you must be very talented and skilled to thrive. With the help of this podcast, you can learn how a DJ should think and approach their business to succeed.

DJs Mix Cep Podcast

DJs Mix Cep Podcast project

This is one such podcast that enables budding DJs to showcase their talent to a larger audience. The creative Events promoter (CEP) will give a chance to DJs to promote their mixes and qualities to a wider public.

Mzansi deep

DJ Naid and Terence Rhoda enable the listeners to understand and hear the South African DJ’s perspective. The DJs and their guests from Africa will transport you to the Soulful and Deep house world.

Sound of the day

This is one such podcast that will promote emerging tracks. KEXP’s Song of the day podcast will also feature all the stand-out tracks and striking music from established artists. One of the best parts of this podcast is that they are very aware of the audience’s taste. Therefore, they will help you find the track that suits your style.

Listen to their podcast, learn from the best and become a top DJ.

Best Podcasts to Listen to While You Commute to Work

Best Podcasts

Podcasts are the new thing. Whether you are commuting, cleaning, or doing other mindless chores, podcasts can open your mind to new and exciting ideas. You might be someone who travels every day to work or spend a huge amount of time cooking and cleaning. Listening to podcasts is a great way to make these times enjoyable and productive. Here are some of the best podcasts out there to relax your mind and compose your mood for a fruitful day:

Magic Lessons by Elizabeth Gilbert:

Elizabeth Gilbert

If you have loved the books ‘Big Magic’ and ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ there is no doubt that you will get obsessed with this podcast by the New York Times Bestselling Author. The podcast is a spinoff of her popular book ‘Big Magic’ that provides the tools and motivation to live creatively. The podcast inspires listeners to be brave and provides advice on how to eliminate creative blocks and self-doubt. The podcast interviews individuals like Martha Beck and Niel Geiman, who have gifted us with their incredible work on living courageously with integrity.

Bill’s Monday Morning Podcast by Bill Burr:

Coming from a popular stand-up comedian and filmmaker Bill Burr, this podcast is sure to make you laugh on your commute. ‘Bill’s Monday Morning Podcast’ inspires you to look at the world in a different way and take life lightly. Although named Morning Podcast, it might be more suitable for the after-work commute for relaxation as it makes you feel like you are hearing a friend rant – of course, in a hilarious way.

Fresh Air by NPR:

One of the popular podcasts from NPR, ‘Fresh Air’ indeed provides you with a fresh outlook on life. Fresh Air has great in-depth interviews about finance, politics, and conflicts. The podcast hosted by Terry Gross is refreshing on your boring commute. One of the benefits of listening to NPR podcasts is that the hosts are experienced professionals, and therefore their questions are more precise and direct. This mode of interviewing makes it easier to gain knowledge from the shows.

SuperSoul Conversations by Oprah:

Oprah’s ‘SuperSoul Conversations’ is one of the best podcasts to listen to start your day right. The episodes discuss the deeper meaning of life, awakening, and fulfilling your purpose. Listening to this podcast is sure to inspire you to be mindful and seek purpose in everything you do in life. The format of the episodes is friendly conversations of popular figures with Oprah, where they share their life experiences, difficulties, and how they overcame them.

Morbid by Alaina Urquhart-White:

If you are a true crime junkie, you won’t be disappointed listening to ‘Morbid’ hosted by Aliana Urquhart. The autopsy technician explores a new true crime case every episode, engaging your mind and brain with the sinister ways of criminals. ‘Morbid’ is perfect for listening to while you commute after work, as listening to it in the morning can occupy or distract your mind while at work.

Best Podcasts to Learn Languages

Best Podcasts

The journey to work is often stressful and boring. So why not learn something to feel productive during this time? Language learning can be challenging, but with the right podcasts, you can take baby steps towards accomplishing your language learning goals. One of the key strategies to becoming fluent in a language is to surround yourself with native speakers. Podcasts are an easy way to accommodate this into your daily life without breaking the bank. Here are some of the best podcasts to start your journey:

Coffee Break French:

‘Coffee Break French’ is filled with short, bite-sized episodes that typically last ten to twenty minutes. This podcast lets you learn French while you enjoy your mid-day coffee break. The episodes are suitable for beginner to intermediate levels of French learners. Each episode is accompanied by transcripts and pdf notes that can be used for a deeper understanding of the lessons.

Talk to Me in Korean:

A great resource to learn Korean, ‘Talk to Me in Korean’ is a free essential learning resource that can be listened to from any podcast streaming service. The lessons are accompanied by pdf notes which can be downloaded. The hosts are a dynamic duo, and it is always fun listening to them. The episodes are most suitable for anyone starting from the beginner level. For more advanced learners, check out their ‘Talk to Me in 100% Korean’ podcast.

Slow Chinese

Slow Chinese:

Slow Chinese is a great way to begin learning Mandarin, and the episodes also provide a peek into the culture and tradition of China. The podcast episodes are typically shorter than ten minutes, so you can learn Mandarin even while waiting for your coffee or lift. You can listen to native speakers read slower, which can greatly benefit beginners in practicing their pronunciation skills. Chinese is a tonal language, and therefore listening to a podcast like ‘Slow Chinese’ can tremendously help with listening and speaking skills.

Deutsche Welle:

Deutsche Welle is a great resource for those interested in learning German. From topics ranging from sports and news to entertainment, this podcast is sure to increase your general knowledge and help with your German. ‘Deutsche Welle’ offers episodes in a wide range of formats – slow reading, conversations, news reporting, etc. The episodes are long and are best suited for an intermediate learner.

News in Slow Spanish:

‘News in Slow Spanish’ offers episodes in slowly spoken Spanish about the current news. The podcast benefits learners of all levels; listening to it is a great way to increase your vocabulary and listening skills. All podcast episodes are short, almost always shorter than ten minutes, making them easier to listen to and focus on. ‘News in Slow Spanish’ is not suited for absolute beginners as the episodes require basic grammar and vocabulary knowledge to comprehend.

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