Becoming RJ: RJ Skills

RJ Skills

There was a time when students pushed themselves only to science-oriented subjects and chose a career in a similar field. Nowadays, youngsters are creative and choose unconventional jobs that suit their interests and personality. Radio has continued and maintained popularity in this fast-growing world of the internet. It is flexible, inexpensive, and attractive all over the globe among youngsters and older adults. Radio Jockeys are becoming increasingly popular and well-paid because of their style of talking, intelligence, enthusiasm, and relatability. However, being in front of the mike at all times and spontaneous at it can be challenging. Here are some skills to pursue your career as a Radio Jockey.

Radio Jockey


Being creative has many interpretations. One must have an exciting approach and outlook on things that make one think outside the box. It is essential to be genuine and unique and carve your niche rather than following another RJ. Repeating content already saturated in the market will retain your listener’s interest. Constant research and understanding your listeners’ interests will help you develop unique ideas daily.

Sense of humour

Humour is attractive. It is a skill that one needs to work on every day. You must laugh alone, laugh at yourself and make others laugh on your shows. Constant noting down of jokes and punches will keep you ready and on the go. Sliding these jokes into your conversations will make them enjoyable and relatable. The key is to find humour in simple things that one does every day. Remember to avoid comedy that can be offensive, weird, or repetitive.


Fluency in your professional language is the key to being a good RJ. You will feel more relaxed, and words will come naturally to you. Excessive and unnecessary pauses, rambling or repeating the exact words, and lack of vocabulary will cut you short in this field. One must be crisp and intelligent while speaking and choose his speech wisely, keeping it between formal and over-relaxed. In conclusion, you must come across as delightful and charming.

Command over regional language

There are 22 languages spoken in India. Therefore, you must be aware of the official language of India, English, and the regional language of the city you are working. Mastering the dialect here is also necessary as it will help people relate with you, even more, when you speak. In addition, you need to be aware of the style of speaking, new words, and popular terms to connect with more people at a stretch.

Self Confidence

No matter what, you should know what to say, when, and how to say it. When you sound confident, people will trust you. They will follow the same if they feel that you know and believe in what you are saying. Stay self-assured, and it will be your key to success.

These qualities will make you shine in your field—charm people when you speak and keep upskilling yourself daily.

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