Best DJs Podcasts (2022)

DJs Podcast

Have you ever wished to become a DJ and wanted to learn more about DJing? Or Are you working as a DJ and wish to promote your mixes to a larger audience? For both of these cases, a DJ podcast is the perfect solution.

If you are someone who wants to reach out to a larger audience and promote your music, you may create a DJ podcast. This is one of the best ways to build, maintain, and engage with your fan base. This is why most of the top 100 DJs have podcasts that broadcast on a fixed schedule. They use Podcasts to promote their mixes, music, events, or other DJ- business-related activities.

The podcast is a great way for budding DJs to build rapport with the audience, share their knowledge, and share their interests and personality with the world. But if you want to create a good DJ podcast, you should be willing to invest your time and effort. Moreover, you should have a music library that is continuously updated.

So, if you love the craft of DJing, then podcasting is something that will benefit you in the long run. You will experience a boost in your fan base and will see your episodes topping the iTunes library. But if you are confused about where to start your DJ podcast projects, here is the list of top DJs podcast that will inspire you and help you gain some knowledge.

The Get Down

If you are an aspiring DJ or have stepped into the glamorous world of DJing, you can listen to The Get down, a podcast for all the DJs. This is hosted by the founders of the Get down DJ group, who have more than twenty years of experience in the industry. These DJs, with thorough knowledge of DJing, will provide you with the best tips and strategies to grow your brand and business.

People thought of DJs as people who would show up at night with their play records. But, in fact, it is a highly competitive industry where you must be very talented and skilled to thrive. With the help of this podcast, you can learn how a DJ should think and approach their business to succeed.

DJs Mix Cep Podcast

DJs Mix Cep Podcast project

This is one such podcast that enables budding DJs to showcase their talent to a larger audience. The creative Events promoter (CEP) will give a chance to DJs to promote their mixes and qualities to a wider public.

Mzansi deep

DJ Naid and Terence Rhoda enable the listeners to understand and hear the South African DJ’s perspective. The DJs and their guests from Africa will transport you to the Soulful and Deep house world.

Sound of the day

This is one such podcast that will promote emerging tracks. KEXP’s Song of the day podcast will also feature all the stand-out tracks and striking music from established artists. One of the best parts of this podcast is that they are very aware of the audience’s taste. Therefore, they will help you find the track that suits your style.

Listen to their podcast, learn from the best and become a top DJ.

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