Disadvantages of Internet Radio

Internet Radio

Internet radio is one of the technologies that have enhanced the experience of listening to the radio. However, the traditional FM radio that searches for frequencies to receive signals hugely depends on weather conditions and geographical locations. Due to these limitations, the audience could only listen to a few radio stations. Moreover, the quality could have been better, based on the location and climate.

But internet radio has overcome almost all these limitations posed by classic radio. They enable the audience to listen to stations worldwide with the best sound quality. You can listen to your favorite songs or talk show from any device of your choice.

Even though they have plenty of advantages, they still have some drawbacks that both broadcasters and the audience should be aware of. You can delve into this article to learn about internet radio’s disadvantages.

The struggle to get listeners

Even though many people are using internet radio, it still has a long way to become available and enhance its appeal amongst the audience. Even in this world of technology, many people use AM or FM radio signals as they are more available. Even cars have sterioes that enable AM/FM signals.

For web radio to become more appealing, radio stations must promote themselves. They can create apps, use social media accounts, and run ads to promote their radio station.

It depends on the availability of the internet.

What are the basic human needs? Of course, food, water, and shelter. But what are the modern requirements? Education, sanitation, healthcare, and the internet. Yes, you have heard it correctly. Good broadband has become a necessity for the contemporary population. But unfortunately, stable internet connectivity has yet to be available everywhere.internet radio

In addition, listening to internet radio has some costs. But this cost is not applicable in the case of FM/ Am radio. This doesn’t mean that traditional FM/AM radio has no challenges. They are also bounded by distance; their FM signal can only travel 30 to 40 miles and can be blocked by physical objects like hills and buildings.

Pay Royalties

When running a web radio station, you do not need a license. This is one of the most significant benefits of web radio. However, you will have to pay royalties if you play commercial music.

You will have to pay royalties for each performance of the commercial music. But it is relatively inexpensive.

Difficult to get advertisers

Advertisers will always look for a station that has many listeners. They will also look for a station with the targeted audience. Even though internet radio stations attract many listeners, small internet radio stations draw only a few. As a result, these small radio stations find it difficult to land good advertisements.

But these small radio stations can join ad networks. Here one ad will be distributed across many radio stations. And the advertisers pay as per the number of listeners who heard the ads. In brief, internet radio has some drawbacks, which need to be overcome to succeed and get the desired results.


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