Best Podcasts to Learn Languages

Best Podcasts

The journey to work is often stressful and boring. So why not learn something to feel productive during this time? Language learning can be challenging, but with the right podcasts, you can take baby steps towards accomplishing your language learning goals. One of the key strategies to becoming fluent in a language is to surround yourself with native speakers. Podcasts are an easy way to accommodate this into your daily life without breaking the bank. Here are some of the best podcasts to start your journey:

Coffee Break French:

‘Coffee Break French’ is filled with short, bite-sized episodes that typically last ten to twenty minutes. This podcast lets you learn French while you enjoy your mid-day coffee break. The episodes are suitable for beginner to intermediate levels of French learners. Each episode is accompanied by transcripts and pdf notes that can be used for a deeper understanding of the lessons.

Talk to Me in Korean:

A great resource to learn Korean, ‘Talk to Me in Korean’ is a free essential learning resource that can be listened to from any podcast streaming service. The lessons are accompanied by pdf notes which can be downloaded. The hosts are a dynamic duo, and it is always fun listening to them. The episodes are most suitable for anyone starting from the beginner level. For more advanced learners, check out their ‘Talk to Me in 100% Korean’ podcast.

Slow Chinese

Slow Chinese:

Slow Chinese is a great way to begin learning Mandarin, and the episodes also provide a peek into the culture and tradition of China. The podcast episodes are typically shorter than ten minutes, so you can learn Mandarin even while waiting for your coffee or lift. You can listen to native speakers read slower, which can greatly benefit beginners in practicing their pronunciation skills. Chinese is a tonal language, and therefore listening to a podcast like ‘Slow Chinese’ can tremendously help with listening and speaking skills.

Deutsche Welle:

Deutsche Welle is a great resource for those interested in learning German. From topics ranging from sports and news to entertainment, this podcast is sure to increase your general knowledge and help with your German. ‘Deutsche Welle’ offers episodes in a wide range of formats – slow reading, conversations, news reporting, etc. The episodes are long and are best suited for an intermediate learner.

News in Slow Spanish:

‘News in Slow Spanish’ offers episodes in slowly spoken Spanish about the current news. The podcast benefits learners of all levels; listening to it is a great way to increase your vocabulary and listening skills. All podcast episodes are short, almost always shorter than ten minutes, making them easier to listen to and focus on. ‘News in Slow Spanish’ is not suited for absolute beginners as the episodes require basic grammar and vocabulary knowledge to comprehend.

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