Pros and cons of Podcasting


In this modern world where people are looking for various ways to entertain themselves, podcasts have emerged as one of the most loved entertainment mediums in the last few years. Even though television and laptop screens keep the audience engaged and busy, they have become less of a treat and more of a distraction. These factors, along with podcasts’ various advantages, have made them more popular. Moreover, they offer numerous choices, making them more appealing.

We have seen a surge in podcasts, and there are clear reasons for that. But along with plenty of advantages, the podcast also has some drawbacks. You can delve into this article to learn about the Pros and cons of podcasting.


Pros of podcasting

Podcast has numerous perks that makes them immensely popular. Some of their pros are:


One of the biggest benefits of the podcast is that you will not have to worry about your listeners being busy online when you make the sales advertisement. Instead, your audience can download a podcast and listen to them when they feel like listening. They can also stream and replay the podcast whenever they want, even when working or jogging. In addition, if someone subscribes to a podcast feed, they will get the podcast of their choice downloaded.

No restriction on the time to listen

Unlike radio or TV shows, you will not have to tune into podcasting at a certain time. You can choose the time you want to listen to it. You can download them or stream them and listen to where they are in the mood to listen. For example, you can listen to them when stuck in traffic or jogging.

Personalized content

If you are someone who wants to promote your ideas or advertise your products, you can go niche and make personalized podcasts for the targeted audience. Many people choose to listen to some particular podcast as they want to listen to specific content. Advertisers can take advantage of this factor by serving the right content to the targeted audience.

Portability of podcast

Podcasts are portable. They do not need any particular medium to listen to the podcast. All you need is a smartphone, and you can listen to your favorite podcast without trouble.

Podcast reduce cost

Podcasting is not a very expensive medium. Setting up a podcast is very cheap, and you can reach a wide audience at a low cost.


Cons of Podcasting

You can read further to learn some cons of podcasting:

Accessibility can be an issue sometimes

Even though we live in a world dominated by internet connectivity, unfortunately, not everyone has access to it. Therefore it is going to be challenging to reach out to them. This can be a major problem with a larger podcast with huge file sizes. Even though podcast has some disadvantages, they have enormous perks that make them more appealing.

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