Best Podcasts to Listen to While You Commute to Work

Best Podcasts

Podcasts are the new thing. Whether you are commuting, cleaning, or doing other mindless chores, podcasts can open your mind to new and exciting ideas. You might be someone who travels every day to work or spend a huge amount of time cooking and cleaning. Listening to podcasts is a great way to make these times enjoyable and productive. Here are some of the best podcasts out there to relax your mind and compose your mood for a fruitful day:

Magic Lessons by Elizabeth Gilbert:

Elizabeth Gilbert

If you have loved the books ‘Big Magic’ and ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ there is no doubt that you will get obsessed with this podcast by the New York Times Bestselling Author. The podcast is a spinoff of her popular book ‘Big Magic’ that provides the tools and motivation to live creatively. The podcast inspires listeners to be brave and provides advice on how to eliminate creative blocks and self-doubt. The podcast interviews individuals like Martha Beck and Niel Geiman, who have gifted us with their incredible work on living courageously with integrity.

Bill’s Monday Morning Podcast by Bill Burr:

Coming from a popular stand-up comedian and filmmaker Bill Burr, this podcast is sure to make you laugh on your commute. ‘Bill’s Monday Morning Podcast’ inspires you to look at the world in a different way and take life lightly. Although named Morning Podcast, it might be more suitable for the after-work commute for relaxation as it makes you feel like you are hearing a friend rant – of course, in a hilarious way.

Fresh Air by NPR:

One of the popular podcasts from NPR, ‘Fresh Air’ indeed provides you with a fresh outlook on life. Fresh Air has great in-depth interviews about finance, politics, and conflicts. The podcast hosted by Terry Gross is refreshing on your boring commute. One of the benefits of listening to NPR podcasts is that the hosts are experienced professionals, and therefore their questions are more precise and direct. This mode of interviewing makes it easier to gain knowledge from the shows.

SuperSoul Conversations by Oprah:

Oprah’s ‘SuperSoul Conversations’ is one of the best podcasts to listen to start your day right. The episodes discuss the deeper meaning of life, awakening, and fulfilling your purpose. Listening to this podcast is sure to inspire you to be mindful and seek purpose in everything you do in life. The format of the episodes is friendly conversations of popular figures with Oprah, where they share their life experiences, difficulties, and how they overcame them.

Morbid by Alaina Urquhart-White:

If you are a true crime junkie, you won’t be disappointed listening to ‘Morbid’ hosted by Aliana Urquhart. The autopsy technician explores a new true crime case every episode, engaging your mind and brain with the sinister ways of criminals. ‘Morbid’ is perfect for listening to while you commute after work, as listening to it in the morning can occupy or distract your mind while at work.

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