Youth Radio Programmes

Youth Radio

Radio is the most reachable medium in the world. From the remote villages to the light-up cities, the radio is listened to by everyone. It is here to stay and flourish in the future. It is the most inexpensive medium from where one can grasp content. Youth listens to radio programmes every day for almost two hours on average. Radio programmes educate youth and empower them on their physical, social, and educational rights.

Fifty-one thousand radio stations are operating worldwide, with one-fifth of the world’s young adults listening to them daily. Online radio has seen an increase of 2850% in ten years. An Indian humanitarian and digital publisher, Aruna Gali, developed “School Radio,” meant to upskill youth by the youth. All India Radio launched a new programme, AIRNxt, for the Indian youth to speak about several issues in the country. They voice their opinion and exercise different notions of improving different sections of the Indian government. This initiative was taken on the occasion of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav. They allowed students from several parts of the country to create a youth-centric show, which will air for 52 weeks on 167 AIR radio stations. The programme also encourages youth to speak about their achievements and journey, inspiring others throughout the country. Such kinds of youth empowerment programmes build national development. India is a vast country with varied cultures. It enables youngsters to understand and educate themselves on different cultures and be more tolerant and respectful of each identity. It is a valuable tool for youth mobilization and change in overall customary behaviour for the betterment of our nation.

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Such youth radio programmes encourage violence prevention. They create social awareness and provide solutions to bullying, molestation, child labour, and other deprivation of fundamental rights to education, thought, and express oneself without any inhibition. The programme also gives career advice and enlightens people on their options and scope. Like APJ Abdul kalam says, ” We are as young as our faith and old as our doubts.” Youngsters also need to overcome their fears and doubts passed on from generation to generation and see the light of new India with hope, self-confidence, awareness, and acceptance. Radio youth programmes also develop leadership skills and act as role models for other students. Who better to talk about youth and their dreams and notions than youth? One thousand educational institutions have joined in this initiative all over India, irrespective of language, dialect, and ideologies.

It enables students to collaborate, think critically, express ideas, and resolve conflicts for a brighter tomorrow.

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